Nick Carter - Inventor of The Influence of Marketing

About the Influence of Marketing

The Origins and Development of the Influence of Marketing™ Methodology

The Influence of Marketing™ Methodology was developed by Nick Carter, while he served as President and Creative Director for Carter and Company, LLC—a creative agency in Indianapolis, IN. Time and time again, Carter would be called upon to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the agency's customers. A few themes continued to arise:

  • Business, large and small, struggled to know where and how to get new leads.
  • Once a lead was converted, if they were not ready to buy immediately, companies had little understanding of why or how to continue marketing to them with any level of effectiveness.
  • Business owners seemed to do marketing aimlessly, lacking a comprehensive understanding of how all their efforts fit together into a cohesive strategy.

Nick Carter noticed that as he solved these problems for his clients, a continuing pattern emerged. Eventually, he formulated the methodology you see today. It served to help companies understand what marketing tactics needed to be employed, and more importantly, why they needed to be employed.

Soon, Carter and Company, LLC evolved into a marketing technology provider, centered on its flagship product, AddressTwo. Consulting came to a hault, however, the development of the Influence of Marketing methodology has only advanced. Today, we teach small business owners and other creative agencies how to implement this methodology for database marketing and drip marketing campaigns.