Convert Leads - Database Building

Need to Convert Leads from Total Strangers?

Before you can start drip marketing, you need to build a database—lead conversion.

Before you can start a drip marketing campaign, and long before you're ready to sell, you need to build a database. In the Influence of Marketing™ methodology, we call this increasing your breadth of influence. Your breadth of influence usually begins with the typical friends and family list, but eventually, you will need to create an effective strategy for converting strangers into leads.

Tips to remember when increasing breadth of influence:

  1. Media Advertising is a "leased" or "borrowed" breadth. The distribution of a given magazine, tv station, or website where you advertise is not your breadth. You pay to advertise, paying for access to their breadth.
  2. The goal of advertising (or any mass-communication) is conversion to a lead, not conversion to a customer. You are indeed selling something, but not your product/service. You need to sell the prospect something of value—content, ideas, contests, give-aways—at the cost of their contact information.
  3. All mass-communication must have a strategy for conversion. It's not enough simply to "be seen" or "gain exposure" for exposure's sake alone. Ask yourself, when the strangers hear this message, what will prompt them to give me their contact information in return.