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Ready to Close the Sale?

If your drip marketing plan is successful, you won't just be well-known, your sales will increase. Sounds great, but how?

If the goal of Drip Marketing is to deepen your marketing influence, the deepest you could go would be to influence buying behavior. Influencing a prospect's money is the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, even the most succesful marketers fail at the most fundamental level of closing sales.

Tips to remember when closing the sale:

  1. Give them something they can say "yes" to. Far too often, proposals and pitches talk about what once "can do," not what one will do. When they're ready to buy, give them something they can buy.
  2. Follow Up. Every day there is a new book or cd-series on a sales methodology. The real secret, however, is not in which one you pick, it's in having one. Have a system for follow up. Be reminded to call people back, and don't let sales fall through the cracks.