Customer Referrals - Database Marketing

Influence Full Circle: Leads to Customers to More Leads.

Influence your database deeply enough and they'll grow it themselves.

Ok, so we told a fib about closing the sale... We said that influencing the money was the deepest influence you could have. In reality, the deepest influence you can have over any member of your database is the influence over their database. When they open their address book for you, not just their pocket book, you know you have great influence over them.

Here are some tips to remember when generating for referrals:

  1. Don't ask for referrals. That's right, don't ask, tell. Tell your closest relationships who you need to meet. If you've influenced them deeply enough, they'll volunteer to help.
  2. Be specific. You're not looking for "small business owners" or "young married couples." You're looking for a specific person. Our minds need concrete examples in order to recall a possible match. If you're too broad, you'll end up getting less referrals than if you're too narrow.
  3. Understand that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Or, to put it in Influence of Marketing™ terms: influence by giving referrals. Gain more influence over your database by opening up your database to them when needed.