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How do Prospect Emerge from Your Contacts?

You've warmed them up long enough. Finally, someone's hot enough to buy. How can you be sure, and what do you do next?

As we mentioned about Drip Marketing, your goal is not just to be seen, but to get a response. So, how can you do that? And, once they respond, how do you know they're ready to buy?

In the Influence of Marketing™ methodology, we call this emerging prospects. Here are some tips to remember when getting prospects to emerge:

  1. Have a mechanism to help them emerge. Whether it's a contact form on your website, an RFQ process, or a "contact me please" button in your emails—make sure it is abundantly clear how they can contact you.
  2. Use your conversion techniques for emersion as well. If you're running a new contest, offering more content, or giving something new away as a means to get strangers to convert to leads, don't forget that these same methods can also succeed at getting a contact in your existing database to emerge as a prospect by the exact same means.
  3. Once a prospect has emerged and is potentially ready to buy, be the pace-setter. Have a set process by which you sell, and let the customer know the plan. This way, they know how to proceed and what to expect as you move along. Buying is an uncomfortable experience for many people, so calm their fears with a clearly outlined plan. They'll appreciate it.